Cyber Liability

A number of well-publicized incidents in the last couple of years have revealed the vulnerability companies of all sizes and in all sectors face from cyber threats and resulting litigation. In addition, SEC guidance on data breach disclosures in public offerings has further helped to bring this viral threat to the forefront.

From inside the boardrooms of major corporations to individual business owners, many are beginning to realize how exposed a company is to the digital threat environment that exists today. Businesses are not only faced with liability stemming from their responsibility to consumers to remedy a breach, but also, in the case of a public company, their fiduciary responsibility to shareholders to disclose a cyber incident.

A.D. Martin Commercial Insurance addresses this exposure with Cyber Liability coverage that may be tailored based on the individual company and its risk. 

Cyber Liability insurance can be designed to provide protection against destruction of your data or corruption stemming from a virus; threats of cyber extortion; attacks waged on your firewall or network security; unauthorized access; network business interruption; and loss of income resulting from a cyber attack.

The policy can be designed to pay for data recovery and re-creation; and response costs, including legal fees, notification, credit monitoring, IT forensics, and a call center operation for consumers to contact. Additionally, a regulatory component of the coverage may be added to pay for fines and penalties as a result of regulatory action.

Cyber risk is too great to be ignored.

A.D. Martin provides business insurance throughout the counties of Atlantic, Cape May, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, Camden and Burlington in New Jersey; New Castle County in Delaware; and Chester, Philadelphia and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania. Our experienced professionals will analyze your exposure to cyber liability and deliver a comprehensive solution to protect your business.